dinsdag 15 maart 2011

We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news

Stabilo 400x400mm | 185 EURO
Making art is not easy. It's hard work! For real.
It takes a lot of time and accuracy to make it exactly how you want it. Those who are interested in my paintings are sometimes shocked by the price while my prices are actually very low compare to the time that I made it.
Why the low prices?
I make a lot of paintings so I want to make a good flow. And I like selling my work to people that love my ideas on canvas.

Want to know how you make art?
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Step 1:
Come up with an idea that would look great on canvas. For example a Stabilo marker. Find a cool picture of this object and draw it on the canvas. (if you can't draw or too lazy to draw, stencil the basterd!)
Step 2:If you think you have enough of the object on the canvas, you can start with the colours. And that, my friend, is a job where you have to be very patient.
Step 3:
Colour some more. Trust me, this job cleans your head. After this you will feel totally in balance ;)
Step 4:
Ok almost there. Just add some more different colours and finish the canvas with some
clear lacquer and then you're done.

This painting took me about 24 hours.
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